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Not Collected

In 2017 Audrey Salmon invited me to visit her in Johannesburg, South Africa where she is doing a PhD. She got aquatinted with this wonderful framing shop owner who had lived and worked in the neighbour hood for decades. There we found a stack of not collected photographs that were taken just around the end of Apartheid. The images are a wonderful record of township life and how people at the time lived with pride and dignity during those difficult times. The book will be coming out in the autumn 2022. 



My Name is Noor Mohammad Khan

This book has been in the making for a few years. Noor is an incredible adventurer with a life lived that is hard to imagine for most of us. The book is available here. Find out more about Noor on The book can be ordered here.


Myanmar Photo Archive – Online Platform 

One of my main projects for 2020 was the creation of an online archive with my very extensive collection from Myanmar. This project is supported by the EU and the Goethe Institute Myanmar. The bilingual platform is ready now

Chongqing Souvenir

In 2016 I came across an extraordinary set of images taken during the cultural revolution in Chongqing. The images must have been created by an official photographer from the communist party and depict public shaming ceremonies. The book with a special print edition is available here

Box Camera Now

After years of researching Box Camera photography and being involved with Box Camera photographers around the world I thought it is time to create a book with photographers that use this tool today. The book is available here. I also created a special website and Instagram and Instagram 



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