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SewonArtSpace, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Sewon Art SpaceEntrance to SewonArtSpace in Bantul, Yogyakarta


16 night_side_emailSophie Hirsch – Kijang Kijangan –  19.06.-30.06.2012


voter_vehicleSylvia Winkler / Stephan Köperl – +0,000001% – 27.05.-15.06.2014


P1000600Fabian Fink – 15.10.-30.10.2012


IMG_1631Erkin Bayirli & Philip Fischer superViVo – 06.09.-30.09.2012


SewonArtSpace was founded in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in 2011. The senior founding members are Dyah Somerano, Lukas Birk and Karel Dudesek—with extraordinary support by former Austrian Ambassador to Indonesia Klaus Woelfer and Austrian Honorary Consul in Yogyakarta Sugiharto Soeleman from the very first day. When we embarked on this journey we set out to provide and facilitate a workspace for artist, writers, musicians and curators. Our first and immediate connections were with Austria but later artists from all over the world started to arrive. The main idea: to become integrated into the local cultural and artistic community and to enable two-way inspiration. Artists can take action and install cross-border, cross-country, and cross-continental meeting platforms.

SewonArtSpace, has an indoor space of 300 m2 and a outdoor area of 700 m2, that are dedicated to exhibitions and studio space with  guest-rooms.  SewonArtSpace is hosting selected artists and artist project from Indonesia, Austria and Europe and make them accessible to the public. The artworks themselves, can be multidisciplinary touching areas of visual arts, technology, science, craft, music and environment. SewonArtSpace is a locally registered Non-for profit organization. Artist who wish to work and reside in Yogyakarta are welcome to apply at More details on the space website.

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