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“Do A Book” was an exhibition at White Space Gallery in Caochangdi, Beijing devoted to exploring the medium of artists books and text-based art works on view February 18 – March 18, 2012. Curated by George Chang and Katherine Don, “Do A Book” provided a unique opportunity to reconnect with an important tradition of creative expression explored by artists both in China and abroad.

Venue: White Space Gallery, Caochangdi Art District, Opening: February 18, 2012
Selected works by: Tom Bell , Lukas Birk, 章森 George Chang, 张能杰 Rutherford Chang , 陳龍斌 Chen Longbin , Ain Cocke , 丁乙 Ding Yi , 郭鸿蔚 Guo Hongwei, 洪浩 Hong Hao , 黄敏 Huang Min , Ravikumar Kashi, 孔国桥 Kong Guoqiao, 梁志和 Leung Chiwo , 刘任 Liu Ren , 马军 Ma Jun, 掉队 Out , 庆庆 Qing Qing, Kiki Smith, Sarah Sze , Rirkrit Tiravanija , 曾建華 Tsang Kinwah , Heimo Wallner, 王超 Wang Chao, Terry Winters & Ben Marcus , 徐冰 Xu Bing




FakeGhost of Reality, Fake Space, Beijing, China 2009





Blue & White, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Beijing Lederhose, Beijing, 2010

lukas_birk_lederhosen2 lukas_birk_lederhosen3

Human Tool, Take Away Festival, London, UK, 2007

human_tool_kate_mclarnon human_tool_setup