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35 Bilder Krieg (35 Pictures War)

76 p saddle stitched. 18 x 23 cm. English & German foreword. ISBN 978-3-9502773-7-1. Edition of 500 with special edition of 50. Special edition hand-bound, with archival sleeve, signed & sealed.

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Introduction excerpts:   …As part of the second generation born after World War II, I sort of grew up with a non-understanding of its brutality. My grandparents and their siblings were already 70 years old and older when I started to ask questions about the past. The happenings of this particular time were as unreachable emotionally as any other war. Yet it all happened right here, where I was born.

… Exactly 6 months ago, in the house of my late father, I found an envelope with the title “35 Bilder Krieg” (35 Pictures War) written with a pencil. I recognized the handwriting. It was my paternal grandfather’s.

…The images were a sudden access to the experiences of my grandfather – a man I never met, as he died in the year of my birth. He, who, like everybody, was a “Nazi.” At first I thought the monotonous images were flat. But the more I enlarged them, the more I started to understand the importance of the scenes and the stories behind them, and why it was significant to photograph and, in the end, archive them…

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