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In preperation:

Afghan Box Camera with Dewi Lewis Publishing. Autumn 2013
Polaroids from the middle Kingdom, Glitterati Icorporated. Spring 2014



Junsui じゅんせい

Junsui is a three year exploration of Lukas' fascination for black. Numbered edition of 500

ISBN 978-3-9502773-0-2
available on Fraglich Publishing or directly through Lukas. 45 Euro including shipping


Kafkanistan - by Lukas Birk & Sean Foley explores the world of present day tourism to conflict areas such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

Paperback 234 pages with more than 300 photos and illustrations + free Film- DVD containing two films and special features

ISBN 978-0-985-16962-6

The book is available on Amazon or Glitterati Icorporated.


Scribbles vol. I - originally a book for Junsui + 2006 & 2007

is a collection of collages, writtings and scribbles from the years 2006 & 2007.

106 Pages
Numbered edition of 100.

ISBN 978-3-9502773-1-9

available directly through Lukas. 50 Euro including shipping.

Scribbles vol. II - kolumbahnstrasse no 6

is a a record of a to be wiped out memory. A house occupied by the same family for 40 years. And one day - they were all gone .

150 pages
Numbered edition of 100

ISBN 978-3-9502773-2-6

available directly through Lukas. 50 Euro including shipping.

Scribbles vol. III - virtual crash

when Lukas' harddrive crashed - he was about to lose 600GB of photos, videos and art work. Running several rescue programs he recovered an interesting series of images and fragmentations.

82 Pages
Numbered edition of 100

ISBN 978-3-9502773-3-3

available directly through Lukas. 50 Euro including shipping


  Austro Sino & Austro Indonesian Arts Program
ASAP 2012 left/right  
AIAP Film festival 2011  
ASAP 2011 ChuanMen  
ASAP 2010 DaBao  
ASAP 2009 MiFan  


The Fundamentals of Digital Art Lukas Birk

Two of Lukas' projects are featured in "The Fundamentals of Digital Art" by Richard Colson.

The book is available on Amazon and all major art books stores.

It offers a great introduction to the key elements of the digital art areas. With careful explanations of physical computing, using data sources, programming, networks for artists and experimental practices in digital art.

Do a Book,2012. Featured project Rebirth Reverie

Pingyao Photofestival 2009 catalog

featured project a moment's departure

Living Elsewhere. Group show catalog with Lu Pei - Chinese oil painter & Yan Shilin - Chinese sculptur. Published by Dun Gallery 2009. Featured project - a moment's departure.



Contempor arysim. Museums catalog

With artists such as Gao Brothers, Chen Jiagang, He Chongyue, Liu Bolin, Lorenzo Pace, Peter Wayne Lewis, Marc Baufrere, Kiki Smith,

published by the Sunshine Museum, Songzhuang, 2008

featured project - Junsui

China International Gallery Exposition 2009

featured project - a moment's departure

Pingyao International Photofestival 2008

featured project Kafkanistan

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