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ASAP is an artist founded, artist run, not-for-profit, proactive organization. The founding members are Austrian artists with extensive experience in Chinese culture, Austrian contemporary art, multiple art mediums as well as backgrounds in program management and events coordination. Passionate about arts program- ming and community networking, ASAP’s founding members believe in the impor- tance of intercultural dialogue and cooperation.

The steering committee is made up of ASAP’s founding members and is responsible for the development of ASAP’s mission, goals, and objectives.
The acting members are: Lukas Birk, AT, Karel Dudesek, AT, Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber, AT.

ASAP programming is shedding light on past initiatives and bringing them to international attention, providing a comprehensive platform for the current contemporary community, and better facilitating the Austro-Sino arts and culture dialogue. ASAP held an informal needs assessment of Austrian artists currently in China. Primary concerns were listed as a desire to show China-pro- duced work in China, a need for assistance regarding networking, and a desire for a stronger Austrian community abroad. In conjunction with these needs and the thriving international arts interest in Beijing, ASAP was founded.

The main goals of ASAP are: Raise awareness of Austrian artists which lived and worked in China. Facilitate collaboration and discourse between Austrian and Chinese artists. Support the cultural activities of partner organizations within China, with the purpose of promoting contemporary Austrians in various disciplines.

Provide the Chinese community with open access to Austrian contemporary arts culture through a stable venue in which they may engage and build future relationships with Austrian artists and the Austrian culture.

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AIAP is founded by Lukas Birk and Karel Dudesek. AIAP is a non profit private run art foundation. The primary use of the AIAP house is dedicated to bring Austrian Artists to Indonesia and raise awarness of their activities. AIAP is located in the SewonArtSpace in South Yogyakarta, in Sewon, Bantul, 10 minutes from the city center.

AIAP hosts the annual AIR Program, artist in residency program of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Art, Culture and Education. Four times per year, 1 artist is working for 3 months in the SewonArtSpace.

SewonArtSpace, has an indoor space of 300 m2 and a outdoor space of 700 m2, that are dedicated to exhibitions and studio space with attached guest-rooms. The SewonArtSpace is hosting selected artists and artist project from Indonesia, Austria and Europe and make them accessible to the public. The artworks themselves, can be multidisciplinary touching areas of visual arts, technology, science, craft, music and environment.

SewonArtSpace is a locally registered Non-for profit organization founded by Lukas Birk, Karel Dudesek and Dyah Soemarno who also manages the space.

AIAP mission statement: AIAP has an special interest focus on the interplay between man and nature. Artworks dealing with this subject will be preferred. Subject areas may involve cooperations with botanists, agriculture in-door and outdoor, plants and objects, Land art, integration of build and grown, manmade and natural grown objects . We can imagine that nature is a friend of men, we use nature as food as nature sees men as food, men is part of nature. Still this relation is crucial and causes if misunderstood a lot of irritations, on the other hand nature stands also for an emotional and romantic view of beauty and purity. Nature can heal and also destroy, men vice versa. AIAP tries to address this process with artistic means and methods.

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